CMD contracting masterclass in KL

  • CMD contracting masterclass in KL

    CMD contracting masterclass in KL

    CMD Founder Paul Carter Hemlin delivered a 2 day Best Practice Contract Management training course to 18 attendees in Kuala Lumpur on 15 and 16 November.

    Paul encouraged those attending to think of contracts as user guides that will need to change during their term.

    Managing the outcome was a constant theme throughout the two days.

    He also got the attendees to try different approaches to contracting such as using diagrams or even adding video clips for particularly complicated areas. In one section of the course called “Draw me a contract…” the attendees were tasked with creating a picture to be used as a contract instead of a written document. Paul said “after the initial shock of the ask, they started to think about what was important and shortly afterwards they started putting pen to paper. It was a really fun session where everybody had to consider alternative approaches. Contracts have been failing for the same reasons for years, it makes absolute sense to consider and deploy better ways of working”.